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What kind of Art sells best?

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What kind of Art sells best?

Is It Important to Know What Kind of Art Sells Best?
By Barney Davey Ė Art Marketing News FAA

The Question Vexes Many Artists.

In some ways, itís impossible to give an accurate answer to what kind of art sells best. Itís too broad. Are we talking original paintings, sculpture, mixed media, digital art or reproductions?

Picassoís painting above holds the record for the most expensive painting sold at $106 million. Thatís one way of looking at what kind of art sells best. No doubt it offers little insight into helping you decide on the type of art you make.

Florals and Landscapes Dominate?
Many of you know I worked nearly two decades for Decor magazine during its heyday as the most successful publication serving retail art galleries and picture frame shops. Over the years, Decor magazine frequently surveyed its readers to ask what sold best in their shops. Not surprisingly, landscapes and florals perennially topped the list. They go in any decor and are as non-controversial as you can get.

Somehow, florals didnít make the cut on this HubPages article, Top Ten subjects for art that sells. Otherwise, I agree with the suggestions it offers. The question for you is, ďWhat do you do with this information?Ē I can see how knowing this and researching the resources below can help you. However, I think they should only slightly modify and not completely affect your creative process.

Source: Art Marketing News by Barney Davey Fellow Artist from Fine Art America